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Kathie Lee Gifford’s Pioneer Community NFT collection contains unique collectibles handmade by Kathie and inspired by her Star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. This limited collection aspires to honor her beloved fans and to benefit three of her cherished philanthropic missions.

The Limited Edition Star Collection

As part of this collection, Kathie Lee will drop 8 unique and hand-drawn NFT Star collectibles. Her fans are invited before anyone else to purchase one of these Stars, and for the chance to participate in the exclusive offerings and content detailed below. Each buyer will receive a digital wallet for storing the NFT within the following week of purchase—when the Stars become available around the world.

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The KLG Fireside Chat Collection

With a KLG Fireplace NFT, you get access to Kathie’s Fireside Chats, which are live video calls with Kathie and the community. This is your opportunity to ask questions, hear some great stories and hang out fireside with Kathie. This special NFT allows you fireside privileges, including all Fireside chats and select events. For full Star privileges, such as winning lunch with Kathie, get a Limited Edition Star

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KLG NFT Roadmap

March 31, 2022 – 7 PM CST Join Kathie Lee in her very first “Fireside Chat,” exclusive to all Pioneer Community members. One attendee will win an original hand-drawn star. NFT holders will receive more information via email. For any questions, please email

April 2022 – Drawing for Happy Hour. Five lucky pioneers will get the chance to meet Kathie in a virtual happy hour video call.

April 7, 2022 – ViciNFT Q&A Live Session. Join ViciNFT in a LIVE Q&A session on all things NFTs, wallets, and blockchains. This live event will be hosted on Zoom and is an excellent opportunity to get your questions answered directly by our Vici team. Click here to register.

May 2022 – Drawing for SuperStar Lunch. One lucky winner will fly to Nashville to meet Kathie and have lunch with her in her favorite restaurant.

The KLG Pioneer Community Wall

Meet Kathie for Lunch in Nashville

Support Kathie’s philanthropic mission by purchasing her one of two rare Superstar NFTs. The NFT owners and their plus one will fly roundtrip to have lunch with Kathie in Nashville, Tennessee.

SOLD – $50,000

KLG Superstar #1 of 2

This rare two-of-a-kind philanthropic token grants the owner and one guest two domestic roundtrip flights to meet Kathie Lee Gifford for lunch in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Spend a day on downtown Broadway, laughing, singing, and getting to know Kathie over a bottle of GIFFT wine. 100% of Kathie’s proceeds support her philanthropic mission through the Association to Benefit Children in New York City, and The Rock, The Road and the Rabbi Foundation— a non-profit designed for one purpose: to share the Gospel in a unique and accessible way. The KLG Superstar NFT is a part of Kathie Lee Gifford’s inaugural limited edition Pioneer Star series. It includes access to the KLG Pioneer Community member-only events, content, and airdrop rewards.

Kathie’s Philanthropic Mission Through NFTs

Spirit of America

Spirit of America ( Patriotism without politics. Spirit of America is working closely with the U.S. military and State Department personnel in Poland to meet the urgent needs of Ukraine’s Armed Forces and Territorial Defense Forces on the front lines. We are providing protective gear, medical supplies, communications equipment, food supplies, and more for Ukrainian soldiers and civilian volunteers fighting to defend their freedom.

The Association to Benefit Children (A.B.C.)

The Association to Benefit Children (A.B.C.): For many decades now, A.B.C. has remained near and dear to the Giffords hearts. With a mission to offer every child a life filled with joy and love by creating compassionate programs in response to the needs of NYC’s most vulnerable families, it is in loving memory of my husband Frank that we make this donation to continue the fulfillment of A.B.C.’s mission at Cassidy’s Place and Cody House.

The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi Foundation (RRR)

The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi Foundation (RRR): RRR was founded several years ago to continue my work to spread the Gospel of God’s perfect love to a hurting world through the power of film and music. The foundation’s first produced film, “The God Who Sees”, has already garnered over 7.5 million streams on YouTube.


Order a Kathie Lee Gifford’s hand-drawn NFT Star collectible and receive a digital wallet filled with goodies such as the pre-ordered digital artwork and Vicinity Community Charity Token.

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Hey Everybody,

You’ve been on this journey with me for a long, long time; and it’s about to take an exciting new turn.

It’s called an NFT. And, I must confess, I had no idea what that was when I first heard about it. But, in essence, it’s a new technology that makes it possible to preserve cherished memories in a unique way while protecting digital authenticity. And because we all share concern for this world we love and want to protect, I’m going to do my part in ensuring that proceeds from every NFT auction of mine go towards supporting charities that my family and I care deeply about

Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing personal photos, stories, music, and some of my dearest memories with you. Who knows? In the process, you might even end up at lunch with me enjoying a bottle of what else? GIFFT Wine, of course!

Thank you again to all of you for being such faithful friends to me all of these years.

With love and gratitude,

Kathie Lee

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We are preparing a wide range of NFT digital collectibles inspired by Kathie Lee Gifford. Learn more about Kathie’s philanthropic mission, Pioneer Community benefits, NFT education, new events, and be the first to know about KLG’s upcoming NFT drops. Submit your email to stay updated. 

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